Why choose ALUMIL?
  • Due to high quality in aluminum mountings since their ultramodern units are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Qualicoat, GSB and Qualanod, which is proved over the last 10 years by Alumil continuously increasing sales in the demanding market of West Europe.
  • Due to professional installation by Alumil’s wide Greek network of experienced installers which are constantly being educated in technical and designing issues, in Alumil’s two specialized educational centers in Athens and Thessalonica.
  • Due to the guaranteed life span duration of its mountings systems (for more than 20 years) that currying certifications from TUV Hellas and from the University of Thessalonica.
  • Due to the flexibility in choices and pioneering solutions provided for integration of P/V in buildings (an upward architectural tendency) as in, window frames, patios, pergolas, shadings, etc)
  • Due to erosion protection for installations near the sea using specialized anodizing solutions (in accordance to the specifications EWAA-EURAS applied in Alumil’s factory at Kilkis that utilize the most modern anodizing equipments in Europe).
  • Due to the complete technical catalogues for its systems with analytical assembly descriptions and installation instructions.
  • Due to the significant know-how in successful completion of large scale projects – collaborating with technical companies and installers-. Alumil’s mounting systems have been selected and installed at PV projects in Greece of installed power grater than 40 MW until today.
  • Due to continuous leadership in proving innovative products due to Alumil’s large research and development department which is one of the largest in the S.E. Europe and designs P/V supports for the international market since 2000.
  • Due to Alumil’s immediate deliveries of orders which comes from the most modern industrial facility in aluminum extruding in the S.E. Europe that allows the company to mark its products with CE label.