Alumil Group was founded in 1988 and since then, is listed in the
Athens Stock Exchange.

It was included in GrowthPlus Europe's Top 500 four times for its contribution to the European economy. ALUMIL is the leader in aluminium extrusion in Greece and SE Europe and one of the biggest in Europe, a characteristic that enables it to provide structure modules for photovoltaic (PV) farms of multi-MW per year. This competitive advantage ensures economies of scale and reduced costs for ALUMIL while maintaining high quality standards and a constant availability of spare parts.
Alumil Solar is a new subsidiary of Alumil Group, with main aim: the design, development and trading of production equipment for electric energy from renewable energy sources, mainly from sun power.

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AS Series:

Mounting structures produced in the company's high end technological facilities. A competitive advantage that ensures high quality standards and constant availability of spare parts.