Schletter develops and produces state-of-the-art solar mounting systems and forward-looking products made of aluminum and high-grade steel.

Being a leading producer of innovative light metal products, Schletter developed to be an efficient supplier of products from the areas of solar technology and traffic engineering, trade fairs and environmental technology, as well as customized solutions. Schletter will enable you to offer your demanding customers all kinds of solutions. Schletter GmbH realizes rationalization potentials, safeguards the adherence to quality standards and takes the responsibility for the complete chain of production and delivery. - let Schletter impress you with its performance!



PRODUCT MODELS (click model for details)
open area

Open Area Systems:

The Schletter open area systems stand for minimum mounting times. Using the given project data and specific national standards, we create a complete project plan.

flat roof

Flat Roof Systems:

Flat roof systems that meet the latest standards and can be enhanced by means of numerous potential accessories that allow for installation on almost any roof.

pitched roof

Pitched Roof Systems:

With our high-value and elaborated components, quick mounting times and reliable durability including structural analysis can be taken for granted.