SP Green Energy ltd. established its headquarters in Nicosia Cyprus in 2008 and is mainly active in the niche sector of renewable energy sources, environment preservation and regeneration, areas where secure and unrivaled advantages are held. SP Green Energy ltd. is a wholesaler, distributing and representing leading manufacturers of renewable energy project equipment products and also environment preservation materials.

The company is continuously expanding along technology developments and adapting to the fast growing and competitive environment of the renewable energy market.

Our aim is to provide products and exceptional services matching the needs and requirements of an expanding clientele.

In line to our strategy, a Representation service Office was established in Piraeus Greece during 2010, in order to promote the company’s profile, portfolio and facilitate local market needs.

Focused in further expanding company growth through a win-win norm, SP Green Energy does not have mere customers. SP Green Energy ltd., has satisfied partners.

“Providing for a bright future” is not a logo, it is fact.

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