NEDA 501-502-503
Important advantages in the installation of Biaxial NEDA are:


  • 1. The low height of all types, allows the installation without the use of crane.
  • 2. Small volume of armed concrete is needed for their foundation.
  • 3. Small quantity of cables is needed for the connection of the panels.
  • 4. Consequently the cost of purchase and installation for each one of the (5) basic types of biaxial NEDA is particularly low.
  • The time of delivery, as well as the way of payment, of your company’s order, will be fixed at the time of its confirmation.


Support base Hot dip galvanized steel
Tracker diameter 34 m.
East-West axis 67-294 Degrees
North-South axis 17-90 Degrees
Sun course detection Astronomical data
Maximum photovoltaic panel surface 364 sqm
Max power of installation Up to 66 kWp depending on the power, size of PV panels and layout in one or two rows
Maximum Coverage Surface Project installed in a surface of 907 sqm
Foundation Method Foundation of reinforced concrete piles. The maximum amount of concrete should not exceed 8 cubic meters
Motor Three-phase / 1 hp
Motion transmission / Operation Hydraulic
Motion Control Through a PLC
Power consumption To 60 kWh per year
Weight without frames and foundations 1 ton per 4 kWp
Maximum Base Resistance (safe position at wind speed) 155 km/h
Regulation of flattening at Air Speed 110 km/h (Under normal air flow conditions)
Height from Ground 1.70 m. flat – 2.40 m. in operating position
E/M Equipment Guarantee 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 Years (Corresponding Support Contracts)
Corrosion Guarantee for All Metal Parts 20 Years
Static Study According to standards EC3, EKOS., EAK 2000