Jute and Coconut coir Geotextiles are Jute/Coconut fibres fabric used mainly for Soil Erosion Prevention.

As a frequent component of modern bioengineering designs, coir erosion prevention products provide protection from natural erosion during the time it takes for the roots and shoots of plants to colonize and stabilize stream banks, slopes, wetlands, and hillside soils. The extended longevity of coir erosion prevention products provides adequate time for the development of a well-established root system, which eventually offers long term erosion protection. Thus, coir erosion control products have become and important tool in modern soil bioengineering.
SP Green Energy Ltd. is cooperating with word leading manufactures of Geotextiles. For the years 2008-2009 the company has a track record of about 400.000 square meters of sales, achieving a leading position in this market.

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